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My name is Aubrey.

I am an integrative pastoral counselor.


God has given us natural limits that dictate how we are to live. "Living" for many of us means trying to get through each day without collapsing. Jesus showed us what it means to live fully alive - to live flourishing, integrated, and joy-filled lives, despite our circumstances. 


I became intrigued and drawn towards a rhythmic life of spiritual disciplines my first semester of seminary, when I realized the health risks I was taking drinking numerous cups of coffee morning and night - all in an attempt to cross off everything on my to-do list - while maintaining friendships, emotional well-being, exercise, sleep schedule, etc etc. Things were starting to slip.


I became desperate for a relationship with God that was started and sustained by Him, not on my abilities. I realized it wasn't just coffee - it was my mindset about my "priorities." Since then, in these 5 years, I have been intentional about slowing down, acting in faith that my to-do list could wait, and that there is a better way to live this life well.

Spiritual disciplines was the first step 

towards health.

So, if you are finding yourself wanting to slow down and pay attention to the movement of God in your life, and you want to live a more integrated, whole, and healthy life, I would be happy to journey with you. 

I have been formally trained at Talbot School of Theology, M.A. in Pastoral Care & Counseling. I have over 5 years of pastoral ministry in the local church counseling many individuals, families, and couples. I am finishing my M.S. in Counseling to become a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I currently reside in the Phoenix area (but have lived many places), and enjoy hiking, photography, playing ukulele, hanging out with my husband, making Spotify playlists, yoga, tea, and being with friends. 


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