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Spiritual Theology - Dr. John Coe

Musings on the Dark Night of the Soul - Dr. John Coe

Hidden Heart: Why We Sin When We Know So Much - Dr. John Coe

Sanctification in a New Key: Relieving Evangelical Anxieties over Spiritual Formation - Dr. Steve L. Porter

The Seven Deadly Disconnects of Seminary Training: Theological and Spiritual Formation Reflections on a Transformation

Model - Dr. John Coe

Resisting the Temptation of Moral Formation: Opening to Spiritual Formation in the Cross and the Spirit - Dr. John Coe

Evangelical Boundaries in Spiritual Formation: A Christian Understanding of the Dark Night of the Soul - Dr. John Coe


Surrender to Love - David Benner

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality - Peter Scazzero

Wounded Healer - Henri Nouwen

Letters to Malcolm - C.S. Lewis

Sabbath - Wayne Muller

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook - Adele Calhoun

Celebrate Discipline - Richard Foster

Renovation of the Heart - Dallas Willard

Blue Like Jazz - Donald Miller

The Road Back to You - Stabile & Cron

Life of the Beloved - Henri Nouwen

God in my Everything - Ken Shigematsu

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